IT Solutions

Network and System Solutions
Our engineers are some of the best in the industry, so weather you need to add a new component to your network, upgrade an existing system, or design and install a brand new system, or any IT problem you can envision, We can design the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Virtualizing will let you run multiple instances of Windows side by side on the same hardware. It’s a way for you to consolidate various servers – email, files, accounting, printing – which traditionally require separate hardware, onto few servers, or possibly just a single one. It won’t compromise performance or stability, but you’ll be able to utilize all of the power of the hardware you’ve invested in. With virtualization, you can stop buying new servers just to add on software that runs separately from your other systems.
For small to medium businesses, we recommend a Hyper-V platform for guaranteed support, compatibility and performance. Hyper-V will work with Microsoft and Linux operating systems.
We can also help you migrate outdated servers to a new virtual environment, running on new equipment, to protect against aging hardware failure.

Multi-Office & Remote Access
If your business has more than one location, we know that sharing data can be a challenge. We can set up a system that lets you share files between users in different offices, back up data from different places, and make it possible for you to access your personal files when visiting a different location, whether it’s a few blocks away or on the other side of the country.
We can also provide roaming solutions so you’ll be able to access everything you need from the road, from your home office, or wherever else you may end up. No matter where your employees are, your system will work as well as if they were down the hall.

Other Project Types
-    Hybrid Cloud and LAN Hosted Servers
-    Branch Office networking, Remote access VPN solutions
-    Multi Branch Office user roaming solutions
-    Server Virtualization and Server consolidation
-    Small Business Server Installations and Upgrades
-    Custom Active Directory and Group Policy modifications

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